Carpet Seasons Provides Flood Damage Restoration

Experiencing a flood in your home or business can be very traumatic. Regardless of whether this event occurs at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., Carpet Seasons Cleaning & Restoration is available at a moment's notice 24-7 at 248-935-6088 to help you begin the restoration process.

The Clean Up

Our main concern is your safety, followed by that of your contents and protecting investments like your home or business. Our staff consists of trained and certified specialists who know what it takes to get your home back on the road to recovery. We immediately begin removing the water to mitigate secondary damage. We then move or block the furniture and collectibles and upon approval, relocate them to our on or off-site facility.

Once we have extracted the water, we begin the de-humidifying process. Being certified in air quality procedures enables us to identify harmful products such as asbestos and other materials that can be hazardous. We are also certified to do the dry out, data recovery, content and artwork restoration along with document restoration.

The Documentation and Recovery Process

As an IICRC*-certified status firm, Carpet Seasons Cleaning & Restoration is highly experienced in helping its customers receive the appropriate compensation for their losses in a respectful manner substantiated by professional documentation.

Using a method called psychometry and a set of mathematical equations, we measure the moisture content of materials to help us calculate what equipment is appropriate and safe to use. We do this in order to reduce the amount of moisture within an affected structure, to prevent secondary damage, inhibit microbial growth and achieve maximum results.

Content Restoration

We specialize in content restoration. This involves on-site and off-site cleaning and restoring everything from artwork and collectible books to complete data recovery.

While some people may think, “My contents will never have the same integrity after water loss,” there may be many things that you own with sentimental value like keepsakes and family heirlooms. These are the items for which you need a professional, certified company who has the knowledge and experience to navigate and guide you through these unfortunate circumstances.

Please note that highly damaged items may need to be taken off-site to complete the process. In these situations, we bubble wrap your contents, put them in the boxes, document what we are taking out, load them into a truck, transport them to an off-site state-of-the-art facility, complete the structure repairs, and then return the contents to you.